Not only humans but this dog also goes to the office
Not only humans but this dog also goes to the office

It seems most useless to wake up in the morning and go to work. Everyone wants to avoid this, but we cannot do it. One has to go to the office for a job and also have to work. One have to rush for the work in the morning. But you would not know that haste happens not only to humans but also to animals. We are going to tell you about this, which will also surprise you.

In fact, a dog named Nemo, who lives in Bangkok, goes to the office with his owner Thimpaaron Pofipat. It is not only early morning to its owner but also to Nemo as he is very punctual about the timing of his advertising agency. This dog is so punctual that he gets up early in the morning and goes to office on time. The special thing in this is that taking the dogs with you to the office is now becoming a trend here. Taking dogs along in Thailand is reducing staff stress

Yes, on this people say that it is helping to reduce stress. In the research conducted in May 2017 by the International Journal Environmental Research Public Health, that doing so can become a threat at one time. There are many types of allergies to animals and diseases related to them. But currently, it is proving helpful for all.

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