Now you can also eat delicious kebabs made at home.
Now you can also eat delicious kebabs made at home.

Kebabs are very much liked by everyone, but sometimes people prefer to eat only veg kebabs. But there are many questions about how to make it, so today we have brought you a recipe for dal kebabs. It is very tasty to eat.

Content -

1 bowl - lentils
1/2 bowl - gram dal
10-12 cloves - garlic
2 - Ginger pieces
13 to 14 black pepper
5 - Cloves
3-4 pieces - cinnamon
1 medium-sized - onion
2 - red chilies
Little - Nutmeg and Bay leaf
As needed - mace and Garam Masala
To taste - salt

Method -

1. First soak the pulses and boil in the cooker.
2. Cool it and add ginger, salt, garam masala and grind in a mixer.
3. Now finely chop the onion and fry till light pink. Then mix gram and lentils in it and fry a little more.
4. Now make small tikkis of this mixture and add some ghee to the frying pan and fry.
5. Keep splashing water while frying so that the kebabs do not get hard in between.
6. Fry them until light pink and remove and serve hot.

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