Here's a package of 63 lakhs in exchange for breaking cabbage and broccoli
Here's a package of 63 lakhs in exchange for breaking cabbage and broccoli

Many people lost their jobs due to the havoc of the corona period. Many people have become unemployed and are still wandering around in search of a good job. Well, if you're involved, a unique job offer is going viral on the Internet right now that you can do if you want. Yes, it is a very unique job. Under the information received, you have to break cabbage and broccoli in this job and you will be paid lakhs of rupees for it. Well, this job is being given by a farming company in the UK. A huge salary is being paid here for breaking cabbage. Now you will say that it is amazing. Well, it's really amazing.

A package of Rs 63 lakh is being offered annually for vegetable plucking here. Not only that, but overtime money has been said to be given separately. A UK company has come up with one such offer that has been the talk of the town on social media. Under the information received, UK farming company TH Clements & Son Ltd has released an online advertisement related to the job. It says it is a job to break cabbage and broccoli from the farm throughout the year. The selected employee is said to get a daily wage of 30 pounds, or more than 3,000 rupees, per hour.

According to the advertisement, the employee's salary package will be 62,400 pounds (more than 63 lakh 20 thousand in Indian currency). Not only that, but the company's ad also said, 'It is hard work and it has to be done throughout the year.' Let me tell you that the company has issued two advertisements for this job profile. In one of these, the company needs field operatives to break the cabbage. Under this, the money will be paid according to the amount of cabbage and broccoli that will be broken. It is being reported that in this job profile, a person can earn up to 3,000 per hour.

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