Odisha Train Accident: Technical fault, signal problem or terrorist plot? 5 possible reasons behind the tragic accident
Odisha Train Accident: Technical fault, signal problem or terrorist plot? 5 possible reasons behind the tragic accident

Bhubaneswar: Many types of questions are arising about the Odisha train accident. Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw himself is shocked about this painful accident due to the collision of three trains and is investigating the cause of the accident. Also, the Railway Minister has issued orders for a high-level inquiry. So far 280 people have lost their lives in this accident and more than 900 are said to be injured, so the death toll can increase. At the same time, railway experts are giving many reasons behind this accident.  

1-Temperature: Railway experts have given the first possible reason for temperature. He said that heat is a big problem in the country. When the temperature reaches 40 degrees in the summer season, the risk on the rail tracks increases. Because, during the day, the tracks expand during the summer and the lines shrink due to the cold at night. Due to this expansion and contraction, sometimes there are cracks in the rail tracks and it can cause accidents.

2-Technology failure: In the second reason, experts are considering the failure of the armor as a possible cause of the accident. Actually, armor is a device used in Indian rail tracks, which assists a train to stop at a certain distance, when another train comes on the same track (either face-to-face or from behind). If a train comes on the same track track, the automatic braking system is implemented and the train stops there. But, perhaps in this incident, the 'Kavach' did not work properly and the accident happened.

3- Signaling failure: Rail experts are also considering signalling failure as one of the reasons. He says that the signalling in the national rail track happens automatically, but despite this, signals can fail due to a fault in signal operation or a software problem, which can cause both trains to come on the same track and cause accidents.  

4- Fishplate malfunction: Experts are also considering the malfunction of the fishplate as one of the reasons for the accident. Rail experts have said that a fishplate is a plate that connects pieces of tracks. If the fish plate remains open or any note-bolt of the fish plate remains open, it will loosen the track and cause an accident.

5-Terror Angle: Apart from these technical problems, experts are also looking at terrorist conspiracy as a possible reason. Because, this has happened in Bengal in 2010. At least 148 people were killed and 180 others injured when the Lokmanya Tilak Dnyaneshwari Super Deluxe Express derailed near Jhadgram in Paschim Medinipur. Earlier it was believed to be an accident, but when the CBI investigation was done, it was found that the Maoists had opened the fishplate of the tracks there, due to which the train derailed and the accident took place. Therefore, the terror conspiracy is also being considered as one of the reasons, because Odisha, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh are still Maoist-affected areas. In such a situation, it may be that a Maoist organization or other terrorist organization has carried out this accident. However, what is the actual cause of the accident, it will be clear only after the investigation.  

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