Talking in officer is beneficial for mental health

Sep 08 2019 11:12 AM
Talking in officer is beneficial for mental health

Everyone is upset with the work in the office and the stress it causes, and many times it will be in your mind that you leave your job. But you have to mix with the office people so that your stress is reduced and you stay healthy. But if you are going through some difficulties, then let me tell you that instead of being afraid of situation, you should look for positive aspects in it. Now you will think what can be the positive aspect between stress in office. 

Actually, according to a research, when you talk to your colleague in the office, your mental health gets better. For about 12 months at a US hospital colleague, Doctor Vanessa Pothlier of the University of Melbourne did this research and came to this conclusion. According to him, when you share your complaints and problems with your colleague, it results in good results on your mental health.

In this study, it was found that when you share some kind of bonding with your office colleague, then the negative thoughts inside you get out. When you hear the same problem and challenge from your colleague, which you face then you feel good. You feel that you are not alone in going through such situations and you get peace of mind.

Apart from this, it was also told that when you laugh and joke together, the atmosphere of problems becomes light and pleasant and you feel good. All of this keeps your mental health good. So if you too are troubled by your work now, then think about this positive aspect and keep yourself healthy.

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