Businessman turned Nano car to 'helicopter', people started booking for procession
Businessman turned Nano car to 'helicopter', people started booking for procession

Patna: A businessman engaged in giving a new look to the wedding ceremony, gave the Nano car the form of a helicopter. In the helicopter of this new avatar, the groom's wish to take the procession in a helicopter will be fulfilled. This car is being built in Bagaha of West Champaran district of Bihar. This vehicle is not ready yet, but its booking has started from now. The craftsmen who gave this vehicle the avatar of a helicopter say that the booking has already started for taking it to the wedding.

So far more than 20 bookings have been finalized for this year. According to the person who designed this vehicle, we have seen many such weddings on television in which the groom arrives by helicopter. Grooms hire helicopters to bring the brides. There are many people who dream that they bring the bride home by helicopter, but due to inflation, their dreams do not fulfil. In such a situation, now the groom can fulfil his wish with a helicopter without flying.

The helicopter maker Guddu Sharma has turned the Nano car into a helicopter. This test is tremendous in the time of Digital India. The mason who made it, Guddu Sharma, said that it costs 1.5 lakh to make this type of helicopter, while it will cost more than Rs 2 lakh to give it a hi-tech look. An electric sensor has been installed in this vehicle to give it a hi-tech look. The fans and lights in it are controlled by all the sensors. The fan of the helicopter will continue to run through the sensor. The fan at the back will also run with the help of the sensor, which will be a complete helicopter view. Many people are coming to see this unique helicopter.

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