OMG! Under performing Chinese workers made to drink urine, eat bugs

Nov 08 2018 03:48 PM
OMG! Under performing Chinese workers made to drink urine, eat bugs

New Delhi: violating human rights, workers at a Chinese home renovation company who was unsuccessful to complete their tasks were forced to drink urine and eat bugs. The list of the punishments included more bizarre tasks like shaving heads, drinking water from toilet bowl, getting thrashed by a belt and having salaries pending by a month.

 The international news agency Reuter stated that images and videos on Chinese social media opened that the workers who were underperformers were made to carry out the awkward tasks in public.

The incident happened in company located at south-western province of Guizhou. The workers who have give up the company informed that the punishments were all openly meted out in the attendance of other staffs.

The practice of awarding punishments in the firm began this year the violation of the company protocols by workers were noted in the little white slips. Every misconduct has different punishment. Staffs who did not put on leather shoes to work, and those who failed to turn up in official dress, were awarded fines worth 50 yuan (It is equal to $7.20).

Three managers of the firm were reportedly behind the bars from five to 10 days on the charges of humiliation. China’s labor conditions have often come under condemnation for being ‘harsh’.  Workers are paid miserably and have to make do in overcrowded houses, as per reports said.

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