On Buddha's birth anniversary, take a resolution to renounce caste-discrimination from life: Mayawati

Lucknow: National President of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and former Chief Minister Mayawati has extended warm greetings of Buddha Purnima to crores of followers of Tathagata Gautam Buddha living in the country and the world and best wishes for a life free of happiness, peace, poverty and helplessness. In fact, he said, 'It is necessary to maintain the tradition of kindness, compassion, generosity towards others and keeping humanity alive at all costs. To whom Gautam Buddha dedicated his life by giving up everything and was called a great humanist. Due to which a different image of India was created in the world later on.

Along with this, he also said that, 'Gautam Buddha, who spread the ideal light of truth, non-violence, brotherhood and humanity to the whole world, gave India the honor of Jagadguru. On his birth anniversary, especially, it is a day to repeat the pledge to renounce caste-discrimination, violent attitude, hatred etc. from life. Because from this lies true happiness, peace and progress in life and the country. Its origin is completely established in the constitution of the country by Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. But the responsibility of bringing it into the common life of the country has been continuously forgotten by the governments for the sake of narrow selfishness, due to which today the common man in his country is also getting away from the happiness and peace of life.

Apart from this, he said- 'Gautam Buddha, who is considered as the lighthouse of Asia, adorned Indian history with truthful knowledge. Among his followers, Emperor Chandragupta Maurya and the great Emperor Ashoka laid a strong foundation for social revolution by establishing 'Bahujan Hitay and Bahujan Sukhay' as the basic formula of their constitution. Similarly, the birth anniversary of the great humanist Tathagata Gautam Buddha is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. His immortal teaching to all the people belonging to the uneducated, neglected and oppressed class was 'App Deepo Bhava:' that means be educated, rise above yourself and be your own light. Which is of great importance in the present time more than every round, by implementing which great goals can be achieved. For which our party is constantly striving and struggling with its distinct humanitarian identity.

He further said that, 'It is not only general praise, but BSP, following the human ideals of Gautam Buddha, ran its government four times in the state of Uttar Pradesh with a huge population on the ideal basis of 'Sarvajan Hitay and Sarvajan Sukhay'. Following the teachings of Gautam Buddha made every effort to establish an egalitarian social system. So much so that many institutions, places, parks etc. have been created in his name. The world-class Gautam Buddha University was established on a sprawling 511-acre campus in Gautam Budh Nagar district. World class and high quality education should be available to the students of the deprived, downtrodden and economically backward classes. Meritorious poor students can also get experience of studying abroad. Apart from this, Mayawati further said that, 'To bow down is a different matter, but following the ideals of saints, gurus and great men like Tathagata, etc., there is a wide utility and significance of making the life of the people happy.'

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