Govind Singh on 'Mirchi Baba' contesting in elections- 'Baba go to Himalayas and do penance'

Bhind: Congress MLA Dr Govind Singh has responded to Mirchi Baba's allegations. On Friday, Govind Singh said that instead of going to a Mirchi baba political function, go to the Himalayas and do penance. Govind Singh also challenged Mirchi Baba to contest the elections. There were allegations of fielding Mirchi Baba from the Congress forum in Bhind.  
Govind Singh said that I did not disrespect Mirchi Baba. Mirchi Baba was upset about sitting on the dais. Govind Singh said that Congress leaders had to sit on the first row. He left the stage, fed up with this. Govind Singh said that what is the need for Babas to come to the political function. He said instead of going to political gatherings, Mirchi Baba should go to the Himalayas and do penance. Not only this, Govind Singh also raised a question about the attack on Mirchi Baba, saying that Mirchi Baba has so much strength, so why is he being beaten up again and again. Not only this, Govind Singh challenged Mirchi Baba to contest the election in front of me.  
Mirchi Baba had met Home Minister Narottam Mishra a day before after being fielded from the Congress platform in Bhind. He had accused Govind Singh of disrespecting the Dalits and Sant Samaj. Mirchi Baba is constantly raising the issue of cow slaughter. They are considered close to Congress leaders.

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