Chief Minister Shivraj Singh tweeted this on occasion of Father's Day
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh tweeted this on occasion of Father's Day

Bhopal: Those who are with their mother and father, they are very lucky. Just as the whole world celebrates Mother's Day in honor of the mother, similarly Father's Day is celebrated in father's honor. It is celebrated on different dates and days in many countries of the world. On June 21, that is, today Father's Day 2020. On this day, people celebrate their father by expressing love, and respect.

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Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also tweeted on Father's Day. He tweeted and said- When children grow up, fathers become their friends. We share our happiness and sorrow, but my 'father' always remains the 'father'. He said that his father had to face the biggest problem alone. In front of every problem, he himself stood as a rock until he wiped it out. In this tweet, CM further said, 'Every father of the world does not want to let the troubles reach his children. My father tried the same and your father must have done the same.' The Chief Minister has written that 'Mother can say her happiness and sorrow to the children, but the father is unable to say. Give not only respect to your father, but also love. '

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Father's Day was started in America. Inspiration to celebrate this day came from Mother's Day in the year 1909. Sonora Dodd started this day in memory of her father in Spokane City, Washington.


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