On The Guru Purnima, Want to go Mathura-Vrindavan, then have look on traffic.

Jul 15 2019 08:44 PM
On The Guru Purnima, Want to go Mathura-Vrindavan, then have look on traffic.

If Vrindavan is coming on Guru Purnima, be sure to know about the traffic system. Tomorrow, the 16th of July, is the Guru Purnima, which people go to the pilgrimage place to make it special. That's how the sea of faith is pouring in in the city of Kanha. Crowds of devotees are seen everywhere. which causes jams everywhere. In Vrindavan, people were seen to be jammed for the day due to pressure from the crowd on Sunday. If you're planning to go too, just think about the crowd in advance.

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In the heat, sweaty devotees are barely able to visit the adorable Bankebihari, battling the chaos everywhere. On Sunday, the situation became uncontrollable throughout the day. Devotees visiting the temple had to work hard to pave the way. Last evening, the crowd at the Bankebihari temple was adamant that there was not the slightest space left, which also caused a lot of inconvenience to the passengers. In the midst of this jolt-Mukki, devotees were desperate to see God.  Vehicles being stopped at Rukmini Vihar parking lots were also moving towards the city through other auxiliary routes.

Vehicles coming from Mathura-Vrindavan Road also resorted to the Parikrama route to come towards the Bankebihari Temple. Roadside parking by devotees was also seen to be blocked in the traffic system. Policemen were seen controlling traffic at intersections. It may be even more difficult to go to the Guru Purnima in this crowd. In The area of Vidyapeeth Chauraha, Harinikunj Chauraha, Ramanreti Road, Gandhi Marg, Bankebihari Colony, Kailash Nagar Marg, etc., devotees lined the road and went for darshan. Due to this, other devotees faced a lot of trouble.

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