Salman Khan is once again angry with fans, shares video and request this
Salman Khan is once again angry with fans, shares video and request this

Salman Khan's film has come to the end of its run in theatres. Fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Salman Khan's flick. After a lengthy wait, Salman's film has finally arrived in theatres. Fans are also looking forward to seeing it. Along with Salman, Ayush Sharma plays the major role in the film. Salman, who adores his followers, has become enraged with him this time.

On social media, Salman posted a video in which he appealed to his supporters. He's also stated his dissatisfaction. For the second time in the last 24 hours, Salman has published a similar post. People are seen giving milk on the poster of Salman Khan's last film, and many people are filming films, according to a video uploaded on social media by Salman Khan. Because of this, Salman has grown enraged with the fans.


Salman posted the video, stating, "Many people don't have water luck, and you're squandering such milk." If you must donate milk, all of my supporters are asked to feed needy children who do not have access to milk. On Saturday, Salman Khan released a video in which supporters are seen blowing off fireworks in the theatre as he enters. "I implore all my followers not to bring crackers to the auditorium, which might lead to fire and risk many lives," Salman wrote with the video. I urge all movie theatre owners to prohibit people from bringing crackers inside the theatre and to stop them before entering security. Enjoy the movie, but don't do it. Thank you very much.

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