Private data of crores of Indians leaked, cyber criminals hacked number-emails

May 23 2020 05:24 PM
Private data of crores of Indians leaked, cyber criminals hacked number-emails

New Delhi: There was a big dent in your security, mobile numbers, addresses and e-mails of crores of people of India have been hacked. Giving information in this regard, online intelligence company Saibal has told that cybercriminals have put personal data of 2.9 crore Indians on the dark web. Since then details of crores of people are in danger of being hacked.

While giving information in a blog on Friday, Saibal has told that personal data of 2.91 crore Indians looking for jobs has been leaked. The company has told that usually such incidents keep coming in their eyes, but this incident has attracted special attention. Actually, it contains a lot of personal data. Data includes information like education, address, email, phone, qualification, work experience etc.

According to the news, at the beginning of the month, information about the hacking of India's largest e-learning platform, Unacademy, was reported. This data has been leaked at the academy. The information that has been leaked includes the necessary information such as username, password, last login date, full name, e-mail ID, account status, account profile of millions of students. According to the report, the market value of the academy is $ 500 million i.e. approximately Rs 3,798 crore.

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