Chidambaram taunted PM Modi: "If you are afraid of losing the next election...".

PM Narendra Modi's decision to repeal all three agricultural laws was hailed by senior Congress politician P Chidambaram as a triumph for farmers and the Congress party, with Chidambaram claiming that the government was compelled to make the move out of fear of losing elections. He also attempted to put pressure on the government over demonetisation, Chinese forces into Indian territory, and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

"If there is a fear of losing the next election, PM Modi would recognise that demonetisation was a grave mistake," Chidambaram tweeted. He would also acknowledge that Chinese forces have penetrated Indian territory and are occupying our area.' 'If there is a fear of losing the next election, the Prime Minister would recognise that the Citizenship Amendment Act is a discriminatory law,' Chidambaram continued.


'Decision made out of dread of elections': In a previous tweet, the senior leader stated that 'democracy protests cannot achieve what cannot be done by democratic protests.' The Prime Minister's decision to repeal all three agriculture legislation is not based on policy shifts or a change of heart. It was determined because of the threat of elections.' 'However, this is a major success for the farmers, as well as a triumph for the Congress party, which has been staunchly opposed to these legislation,' he added.

Bill to be introduced in the next Parliamentary session: "First, they forcibly pass legislation in Parliament," Jairam Ramesh, a senior Congress politician, commented on Twitter. Then they come up against some unexpected opposition. Then there are elections in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Finally, they make the decision to repeal the statute. The farmer came out on top in the end. I applaud our farmers' persistence in the face of adversity.' PM Modi recently declared the repeal of three agricultural regulations that have been the subject of heated debate for more than a year, and stated that a bill will be filed in the next Parliamentary session. Farmers have been protesting the three agriculturists for the last year.

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