Painful death of innocent by getting trapped in flour mill, mother fainted

Lucknow: In a tragic incident, a child who went to grind wheat on a flour mill with his father got stuck in the lease of the flour mill in Uttar Pradesh's capital Lucknow. The child died painfully in front of the father. After the incident, there is mourning in the family. Police seized the body and sent it for post-mortem.

In fact, Farmer Jayakumar lives with his family in Rahmat Nagar of Gosaiganj police station area of Lucknow. Rajkumar's younger son Abhay was studying in Class 5. When the flour ran out in the house, the prince took the wheat to the flour mill present at the intersection to grind the wheat. Abhay also followed his father. The wheat was put in the mill for grinding. Rajkumar and the mill driver were standing on one side. Abhay went near the lease of the mill. Just then, the lower pulse he was wearing got stuck in the strap and Abhay was pulled along with the leash. Seeing Abhay, the father Rajkumar rushed to save him. But, Abhay, who was stuck in the leash, had wandered around several times. I closed the mill, but it was too late. Abhay had died.  

The father said, "Abhay's one leg was removed from the lower part after getting stuck in the lease, but before the other leg could be removed from the lower one, Abhay was hit by the belt and turned around, due to which the son died on the spot." He also got hurt while trying to save his son and on seeing the son's body, he fell on the ground. As soon as the news of the incident was received, Rajkumar's wife came running towards the mill barefoot. As soon as the mother saw Abhay's body, she fell unconscious. On receiving the news of the incident, the police reached the spot and sent Abhay's body for post-mortem.

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