Pak PM ready to talk to PM Modi on Kashmir issue

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan recently stated that he is all set to talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about any subject. PAK PM Imran stated "We have inherited the issues of the Mumbai attack instigator Hafiz Saeed and the Most Wanted Dawood Ibrahim. We are not responsible for this”.  Imran stated all these words on Thursday. He also stated that 'terrorism in our neighboring nations are not in the interest of Islamabad.

Let us tell you that this reaction of Imran has come after the strong attitude of India, in which it was stated that 'terrorism and talks cannot go together'. During the 100 days of completion of his government, Imran Khan, in an interview with Indian journalists, stated that a military solution to the Kashmir issue is not possible.

He further stated that, 'nothing is impossible, it can also be solved. The thinking of the people of Pakistan has changed. Although at that time Imran staed that peace efforts can not be one-sided. Imran believes that he is at present awaiting a general election in India so that the attitude of New Delhi can be ascertained. 

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