Rahul Gandhi spoke on GDP growth: 'Pakistan handled covid better than us'

Oct 16 2020 11:53 AM
Rahul Gandhi spoke on GDP growth: 'Pakistan handled covid better than us'

New Delhi: Former Congress President and MP Rahul Gandhi is concerned about the current state of the economy and the ever-declining GDP. In this concern, he is targeting the Modi government every day. Now, recently, he has once again put the Modi government in the dock. In fact, he has made a tweet attacking the central government today. You can see that in his tweet, he has targeted the centre for the stability of Pakistan and Afghanistan in front of India.

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In a tweet, Rahul wrote, "Another tremendous achievement of the BJP government. Pakistan and Afghanistan also handled the Kovid in a better way than us." To add, the IMF report has projected a 10 per cent decline in India's GDP growth in this financial year. Not only that, but it also said that India's growth is less than Bangladesh. Rahul Gandhi, however, has also referred to IMF data in his tweet. With his tweet, he has also shared a chart containing 10 in India's GDP. An estimate of a 30% decline has been shown.

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Well, you can see that the GDP of Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, China and Bhutan is showing an increase during the Corona epidemic. The GDP of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India are showing a decline. India's GDP is showing a decline in more than Pakistan and Afghanistan. Not only that, but the chart also shows that Afghanistan's GDP will decline by 5 percent and Pakistan's GDP by 40 percent in the next financial year. India's GDP could be -10.30 percent.

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