Pakistan didn't take action against the terrorist network and will still get $150 million

According to the Defense Bill passed by the US Parliament, now Pakistan does not need to take action against terrorist networks to get help from the US. In the bill passed yesterday, even though the aid received from Pakistan has been reduced to $ 150 million, but in return for getting this money, the Trump administration has removed the pre-condition of action against Haqqani network and Lashkar-e-Taiba. is.

John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NTAA) (Defense Bill) passed by 87 votes against 10 votes yesterday for the 2019 fiscal year in the US Congress Senate. The House of Representatives had stamped the bill last week. Now it will go to President Donald Trump for the signature. 

Anish Goyal, who was a member of the White House National Security Council during the previous President Barack Obama, said to the sources, the total amount of reimbursement to Pakistan in the bill has been reduced to $ 150 million. It is much less than last year approved $ 70 million. 

He said, though now Pakistan will not need to show action against Terrorist Network to get this money. At the same time, Pakistan will not be given any help to fight against terrorism. Goyal says that in such a situation, after the signing of Trump on the existing bill, they will not be able to put pressure on Pakistan to take action against terrorist groups.

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