Despite the fire in building, people continued to give azaan

Islamabad: A video of people offering azaan during a fire in a multi-storey building in Pakistan's Karachi city has surfaced. People on social media say that after some time the fire brigade's car also reached the spot, but people were trying to douse the fire by giving azaan. Now social media users are making fun of it. The incident is said to have taken place around 11 am on Thursday (June 2, 2022). A fire broke out in the basement of a multi-storey building near Jail Chowringhee in Karachi, Pakistan. On its first floor is a department store. Seeing the rising plume of smoke, the people living in this building came down from the building.


There were some people in this building who could not come out on their own. These included some old and sick people. A rescue team was sent to the building to evacuate such people. The team rescued these people. However, the fact is that no casualty has been reported in this accident. The fire could be brought under control after nearly two and a half hours of hard work by the firefighter and was prevented from spreading to the upper floors and nearby areas. During this time, the families of the people trapped in the building appeared to be very upset. The video of this time is going viral on social media, in which some people are seen outside the fire building.

It is being made fun of on social media. Imtiaz Mahmood, a Pakistani living in England, tweeted, "A fire broke out in a supermarket near Jail Chowringhee in Karachi yesterday. An experiment was carried out by the collective azaan to extinguish the fire, but it did not work.'' However, on social media, some people are supporting the idea of giving azaan, saying that in bad times, anyone above prays. That's what they did during the fire.

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