Pakistan removes 3800 names from Terrorist Watchlist
Pakistan removes 3800 names from Terrorist Watchlist

Islamabad: There have always been questions about Pakistan's attitude towards terrorism. Such evidence has been coming out which shows the terrorist love of Pakistan. Now it has been revealed that Pakistan has removed the names of 3800 terrorists from the terrorist watch list. This latest information regarding terrorist watch list has been released by the website Castellum.AI. According to the report, where there were 7600 names in the terrorist watch list, they have now come down to 3800.

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Castellum.AI data shows that between 9 March and 27 March, Pakistan removed 1069 names from the terrorist watch list. After this, these names were put in the de-notified list. The intention of showing the name in the de-notified list is that Pakistan has officially removed the names of these people from the terrorist watch list.

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Since March 27, about 800 names have been removed from the Terrorist Watchlist and put on the de-notified list. Pakistan has removed 3800 names from the terrorist watch list without any notification or explanation.

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