Pakistan summons home envoy in India to discuss diplomatic tensions



NEW DELHI: Pakistan has called its envoy in India back to the nation for a meeting to talk about recent issues with the alleged harassment of diplomats.

Islamabad has summoned high commissioner to India Sohail Mahmood to return to the Pakistani capital for the not mentioned time. India and Pakistan are in the middle of a major diplomatic row with both sides accusing each other of distressing, even threatening, diplomats.

While Pakistan some days ago issued a "foreign policy” to India saying it was becoming difficult for its diplomats to function in Delhi, sources here said the present round of antagonism was initiated by an ISI raid on a residential complex under construction for Indian diplomats in Islamabad.  Worth mentioning here The ISI is Pakistan's spy agency.

A group of 7-8 men attacked the residential complex last month and disconnected the electricity and water supply to the property which is owned by India. Indian high commissioner in Pakistan, Ajay Bisaria, met the Pakistan foreign secretary on February 16 to robustly protest such "multiple acts of hooliganism" against Indian staff and property as reported by TOI.

Despite the protest by Bisaria, the power supply wasn’t re-established for over two weeks. Bisaria himself had his car cut off recently in the middle of the road as he was prevented from attending an event, sources here said. 

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