TikTok star Hareem Shah claims Sheikh Rasheed sent her his nude photos
TikTok star Hareem Shah claims Sheikh Rasheed sent her his nude photos

Islamabad: Pakistan's popular and controversial Ticketock star Hareem Shah has accused the controversial railway minister of his own country, Sheikh Rasheed, of sending objectioable videos. After the allegations on social media site Twitter, Harim deleted the related post and video when the matter started growing.

According to the report published in Pakistani media, Harim on Thursday shared footage of an alleged video call between Minister Rashid and him. In this, she is seen accusing Rashid of sending him pornographic videos. In this Harim is saying, "Listen to me, have I told you any thing till date? Then why don't you talk to me now?" Rashid is saying, "Whatever you want, do it."

After this, the Tik Tok star says to the railway minister, "What do you mean? What about all those naked videos you used to send me? Have you forgotten them?" When Harim argued with him, Rashid cut the video call. After this Harim deleted his tweet and said that he does not intend to defame anyone. He wrote, "I do not have enough time. It is the job of all of you guys. To throw someone's respect." However, by then the video had gone viral and the hastag Harimshah started trending top.

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