Paras Chhabra wants to get married with Mahira, says 'She is a good girl..'

Jun 14 2021 03:37 PM
Paras Chhabra wants to get married with Mahira, says 'She is a good girl..'

Paras Chhabra became quite popular after appearing in Bigg Boss 13. He was connected with Mahira Sharma during the show. In fact, Paras is spending time with Mahira and his mother these days. Meanwhile, an interview with Paras has surfaced.


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In an interview to a famous website, Paras said on Mahira's Bond: "Of course, I still want to marry Mahira. She is a beautiful girl and she is a very good girl. I have also bought a new house in her building in Mohali. Most of the time we spend together. We eat together. My mother is also living with me while Mahira and my mother have also come close to each other. They also go shopping together. We are not girlfriends and boyfriends yet. Our bond is very good now. We want the progress of our relationship to be natural".

He also spoke about his ex girlfriend Akanksha Puri. In fact, during the Bigg Boss show, Paras had said that his relationship with Akanksha is over. However, Akanksha said there is nothing like that. Infact, she had made several allegations against Paras. Akanksha had said that "She have spent a lot on Paras. Meanwhile, Paras now said, "It is sad that I have never had a chance to clarify anything".

He further added, 'The allegations made by Akanksha that she was spending on my expensive clothes and other things were not true. Akanksha was not taking care of me financially. I was doing two shows, so how can I not have money? I wasn't living with her, so there was no point meeting after the break-up".

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