Parineeti Chopra praises 'Best 14,' said- 'I'm really proud'

Parineeti Chopra, the tremendous judge of the TV channel Colors TV's talent reality show 'Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan,' is making every effort to groom the contestants of the show. After starting her innings with a big style on TV, Parineeti is taking her responsibility as a judge very seriously. She has not only guided the best performances on stage, but she also keeps a close watch on the progress of the contestants behind the stage and gives her support to them so that she can help them wherever possible. She has recently surprised the contestants by going to the sets due to rehearsals.

Talking about her experience of spending time with the same contestants by giving them surprises, she said, "I have been thinking for a few days to go behind the scenes and see what my competitors are doing and see them practising. I didn't want to be just a judge. I really care about what is going on in all the contestants and their lives. I really want them to be successful and I should do my duty more than the judge of this show. Today I had some free time, so I reached the set to watch the rehearsals."

Elaborating further, Parineeti said, "I spoke to them and tried to understand their problems and difficulties and help them in my own way. I hope it boosts his morale and when I meet him on the day of the shoot, he will perform well in Reality." When asked about her excitement about the performances of 'Best 14' at the gala, she said, "When I see those contestants, Those we've chosen for the 'Best 14,' then I'm really proud.''

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