Paris police arrested a woman suspected of killing a 12-year-old girl
Paris police arrested a woman suspected of killing a 12-year-old girl

Paris: Authorities in France have detained a 24-year-old woman suspected of killing a 12-year-old girl whose body was found outside her home in Paris in a plastic trunk covered with cuts and bruises. This case has shook the country.

The murder of the young girl, Lola, also quickly became a source of political tension, with opposition parties demanding stricter immigration laws against the background of the suspect as an illegal immigrant.

According to the Paris prosecutor's office, the girl went missing on Friday afternoon, and her body was found that evening by a homeless man outside her building at the French capital's 19th arrondissement.

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According to prosecutors, he died of suffocation.
The primary suspect was caught on camera leaving the building in the late afternoon while carrying a trunk with the victim.

According to a judicial source, she was detained on Monday and placed under formal investigation for charges of murder, rape and acts of torture.

Shocked neighbors remembered the girl by laying out flowers and candles. Unwilling to name her, a neighbor remarked, "It's unbearable." “We have lived in this neighborhood for years, and we left them a bouquet to support the family because, like so many others, it breaks our hearts,” said one resident.

Twelve year old... poor girl... it doesn't make sense, remarked a different neighbor. French President Emmanuel Macron visited the girl's parents.

According to his office, "he offered them his condolences and assured them of his full solidarity and support for what he is going through and it saddens us all."

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Some members of the far-right and conservative party claimed that the fact that the suspect was an illegal immigrant, confirmed by the authorities, demonstrated deficiencies in the law and order policies of the government.

This murder should not have happened. According to Olivier Marlex, leader of the Les Republicans political party in the National Assembly, the killer should not have been in France. "Our country is experiencing a very strong feeling."

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen told lawmakers that "a lot of crimes are being committed by covert immigrants who are not able or willing to deport." The prime minister, Elizabeth Bourne, urged him to "show some decency".

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The suspect's lawyer, Alexandre Silva, told BFM TV he was unable to comment on the situation.
Newspapers reported that the suspect was Algerian, citing police and judicial sources.

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