Paryushan: Do's and Don't to celebrate it to fullest

Sep 06 2018 01:41 PM
Paryushan: Do's and Don't to celebrate it to fullest

Paryushan is one of the key festival celebrated by the Jain community with great enthusiasm. The 8-day festival is starting from today and the people have started planning to celebrate this fest to its fullest. On this occasion, we bring you few Do’s and Don’t which should be followed to get more benefits from this fest of devotion.


Feel the power of knowledge

 Immerse yourself in learning about the higher self, and the purpose of life. The knowledge in scared books and words of saints will help you in resoponding to each and every circumstances of life.


Fasting is a big part of Paryushan. In my family we have done fasting some years. The fast also reflects positively on the health of the devotee.

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Food restrictions

 No green vegetables, and of course no potatoes, onions, or garlic, since these are root vegetables. Eat before sunset. Lot of families have variations on the diet they follow. Some families do not eat paneer or fermented food; some don’t eat tomatoes.

Distance from electronics

Avoid using TV, Radio and all the social media platforms to get the more benefit from this fest.

No harsh word

No harm by your words, thoughts, or actions. Speak gently; don’t curse. Do not kill insects, escort them out gently.

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So, enjoy this festival with full energy and gain the blessing of almighty. 

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