Pasmanda Muslims becoming 'closer' to BJP, said - PM Modi can understand our pain..."
Pasmanda Muslims becoming 'closer' to BJP, said - PM Modi can understand our pain...

New Delhi:  The politics of Muslims is intensifying and the BJP is also eyeing the same vote bank of Muslims. In such a situation, a big meeting of the Pasmanda Muslim community was held in Delhi on Friday under the leadership of former vice-chairman of the National Commission for Minorities and BJP leader Atif Rashid. During this time, concerns were expressed for the backwardness of Pasmanda Muslims on important issues such as education, employment, health and economic equality. 

During the meeting, concerns were expressed that it was during the elections that pasmanda organisations are active and only talk about their share in the siasat, leaving behind the core issues of The Pasmanda Muslims like education, health, employment and economic equality. In such a situation, the Pasmanda Muslim community becomes the only vote bank of the so-called secular parties. Atif Rashid made a suggestion to the Pasmanda Muslim community that why not all of us backward Muslims and the most backward Muslims among the backwards should work in the field of education and employment now.

He suggested that we are lagging behind in the race for development. In such a situation, the Pasmanda community does not need to keep a distance with India's ruling party, the BJP, but to work together. Most of the states of the country, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka have a BJP government, while Bihar has a BJP ally. In such a situation, the issues of the Pasmanda Muslim community can be resolved through these governments.

Pasmanda plans to hold a Pasmanda Muslim Rights Conference in Delhi on muslim issues. The conference will directly demand education and employment for the Pasmanda community from the Modi government at the Centre, as well as the Pasmanda samaj in turn will run with the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. People from the Pasmanda Muslim community who had come to attend the meeting said in one voice that the PM of our country Modi himself comes from the OBC community. So he can understand the pain of the Pasmanda society in a much better way. 

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