Peace shall only prevail when people's dignity, rights are recognised: CJI Ramana

NEW DELHI: N.V. Ramana, India's Chief Justice, remarked on Saturday that peace will only come when people's dignity and rights are recognised and respected.

The CJI made the remarks after laying the foundation stone for a new high court complex in Srinagar. He stressed that laws alone are insufficient to develop tradition; leaders of great values must pour life into the bones of law.
"Anarchy would result from the denial of justice. People will seek extrajudicial processes, which will destabilise the judiciary establishment. Only until people's dignity and rights are recognised and protected will peace reign." In his address, he quoted poet Ali Jawad Zaidi and famed Urdu poet Rifat Sarfarosh to express his feelings.

He underlined that for a healthy democracy to work, people must believe that their rights and dignity are safeguarded and recognised, and that swift dispute resolution is the hallmark of a healthy democracy.  "To develop tradition in a country, laws alone are insufficient. It takes men of indelible character who are driven by lofty ideas to breathe life into the laws' skeleton "said the CJI.

"Judges and judicial officers, you play a vital role in our constitutional framework. The general public has traditionally regarded the judiciary as the ultimate protector of rights and liberties." He stated that litigants are frequently under a great deal of psychological stress, and that they may be illiterate, unfamiliar of the law, and have a variety of financial concerns, and that judges should make every effort to put them at ease.

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