Petrol, Diesel prices today in Major Metros: Delhi, Chennai Mumbai and more
Petrol, Diesel prices today in Major Metros: Delhi, Chennai Mumbai and more
PETROL PRICE TODAY: In today's update on petrol and diesel prices, dated August 9th, 2023, for the cities of Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai, see a consistent trend.
The current petrol and diesel prices, as of today, show stability across the board. Examining the cost of fuel in the major cities of the country, we observe that in Delhi, the price of petrol stands at Rs. 96.72 per litre, while diesel is priced at Rs. 89.62 per litre. The city of Hyderabad maintains its petrol price at Rs. 109.66 per litre, with diesel following suit at Rs. 97.82 per litre. Chennai's petrol price per litre rests at Rs. 102.65, accompanied by a diesel price of Rs. 94.24 per litre. Meanwhile, Mumbai displays a petrol price per litre of Rs. 106.31, alongside a diesel price of Rs. 97.28 per litre. A similar pattern can be observed in Bangalore, where petrol is priced at Rs. 101.94 per litre, while diesel is available at Rs. 87.89 per litre.
In the realm of India's energy landscape, the reliance on crude oil imports significantly influences the cost of petrol and diesel. This inherent connection means that fluctuations in crude oil prices reverberate through petrol and diesel rates. Nevertheless, a multitude of additional factors come into play, shaping domestic fuel prices. Among these are surges in demand, governmental tax policies, fluctuations in the rupee-dollar exchange rate, and the proportion of refinery capacities – all contributing to the dynamic nature of fuel costs.
The price points provided for fuel are officially scheduled for release at 6 am, though they remain susceptible to shifts at any moment. Petroleum companies retain the prerogative to adjust these prices in accordance with changes in crude oil values. To sum up, the figures detailed below encapsulate the petrol and diesel prices per litre for the respective cities:
City Petrol price per litre Diesel Price per litre
Hyderabad Rs. 109.67 Rs. 97.82
Delhi Rs. 96.72 Rs. 89.62
Chennai Rs. 102.63 Rs. 94.24
Mumbai Rs. 106.31 Rs. 97.28
Bangalore Rs. 101.94 Rs. 87.89
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