₹97/l in Mumbai, know rates of fuel in your city

New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices are constantly increasing. For this reason, in many cities of the country, the price of petrol has reached beyond 100 rupees. Petrol-diesel prices have increased several times in the past week. There was an increase of up to 30 paise per day. There was some relief news for consumers for the last three days, but again on Saturday, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased.

Today, petrol and diesel prices have increased again on Saturday. Today, the price of petrol in the national capital Delhi has increased by 24 paise and diesel prices have also been increased by 15 paise. Actually, new rates of petrol and diesel are issued every day by the oil companies. According to this, there was an increase in fuel prices for 12 consecutive days. Due to the continuous increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, the price of petrol crossed Rs 91 in the capital on Friday. Petrol is now available at the rate of Rs 91.17 per liter in Delhi. At the same time, the price of diesel has increased to Rs 81.47 per liter. In Mumbai, the price of petrol has increased by 13 paise and now the price of petrol has reached Rs 97.47 per liter. At the same time, diesel is being sold at a liter of Rs 88.60 here. Petrol prices have reached an all-time high in Delhi and Mumbai.

According to the website of Indian Oil, the price of petrol in Kolkata on Saturday is 91.35 liters. At the same time, talking about diesel, today it is being sold at Rs 84.35 per liter. Petrol prices in Chennai have increased by 22 paise and now petrol is being sold at Rs 93.12 per liter. While diesel is being sold at Rs 86.45 per liter.

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