Aaliyah Kashyap makes shocking disclosure says 'Middle-aged man has given me ...'

Aaliyah Kashyap, the daughter of Bollywood's well-known director Anurag Kashyap, has made a big reveal recently through an Instagram post. In this revelation, she told that 'people comment furiously on her glamorous pictures, due to which she is very scared these days.' In fact, Aaliyah Kashyap recently stated in her Instagram post that, 'Women in India have to face such vulgarity from childhood, which never stops.' With this, Aaliyah Kashyap has also made a shocking disclosure about the sexual harassment that happened to her in this hard-hitting post. This new post of her has surprised everyone.


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As you can see, Aaliyah Kashyap has written in her Instagram post, 'Mentally has been very difficult for me in the last few weeks. Ever since I posted a photo of me in lingerie, I have been getting the vilest, degrading, and disgusting comments. I have never felt so scared before when I have to think about deleting my Instagram posts. I have tried a lot to ignore this catchment, but the truth is that we should talk about it. Such things increase misdemeanor culture, which affects all Indian women in some way or the other.'

With this, Aaliyah has written, 'we seem to be a country that will hold candle marches for a woman after she's been sexually assaulted but won't protect a woman while she's alive. And the truth is that women in India grow up being sexualized their whole lives. I have grown up with these kinds of comments to the point where it culminated in me being sexually assaulted as a minor by a middle-aged man... They are the same men that are fine with following me and consuming the content I post, yet choose to harass me. This is my body, my life and I choose what I want to do with it' This post of Aaliyah has surprised everyone.

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