Oil companies again halt Air India's oil supply
Oil companies again halt Air India's oil supply

NEW DELHI: Air India, a debt-ridden state-owned airline, is again in trouble. Oil companies have banned the supply of fuel to Air India at six airports for non-payment of coal. A senior officer of the airline has given this information. Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar said government oil marketing companies have stopped fuel supply at Cochin, Visakhapatnam, Mohali, Ranchi, Pune and Patna airports at around 4 pm.

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Dhananjay Kumar, a spokesperson for the national airline, said, "Without equity support, Air India cannot pay its huge debt. The airline is doing well despite its liabilities issues." Last month, the Indian Oil Corporation had threatened to halt fuel supply, but the matter was resolved after the intervention of the Civil Aviation Ministry. Air India, which has a debt of over Rs 54,000 crore, owes oil companies about Rs 3,500 crore.

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Air India had offered Rs 60 crore, which is similar to a drop in the sea. The three oil companies had written to Air India a week ago before stopping the supply of fuel, but there was no response to the letter. The oil companies argue that they do not get any financial assistance from the government, while Air India gets full support from the government. Earlier, oil companies had stopped supplying fuel.

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