Pregnant women should not do these things during PitraPaksh

Sep 14 2019 04:40 PM
Pregnant women should not do these things during PitraPaksh

You know that many things are considered auspicious in Hinduism. Many types of rituals have been told in this religion from Puranas to Upanishads, from conception to post-death, one of these rituals is Pitra Paksha. This year PitraPaksha has started from 13 September and during this time human beings give their ancestors a tribute and also do their shraadh. Some special rules have been told for pregnant women at the time of Shraadh and if they are not followed, the child of the woman is affected badly.

It is believed that during the Pitra Paksha, along with the fathers, evil spirits also come on the earth, which also has an adverse effect on the child of the pregnant woman. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you what are those things that a pregnant woman should not forget even during Pitrapaksha. It is said that pregnant women should not go to a secluded place or forest, it will be unauspicious if they do so. Yes, there is a place of negative powers in such places, which can affect the health of the pregnant woman and her child.

Along with this, during the Pitrapaksha, pregnant women are also forbidden to go to the crematorium, because at this time there are many evil spirits present, which have a bad effect on the infant in the mother's womb.

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