PM Modi Criticizes Opposition's Conduct and Condemns TMC's Tactics
PM Modi Criticizes Opposition's Conduct and Condemns TMC's Tactics

NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, criticized the opposition parties for their behavior during the recent no-confidence motion in Parliament. He addressed the Panchayati Raj Parishad in West Bengal, where he expressed his disappointment with the opposition's actions. Modi accused them of spreading negativity across the nation and commended his government for overcoming this pessimism.

Taking a dig at the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC), Modi denounced their tactics of employing "terror and threats" to intimidate the opposition during the rural polls in the state last month. Referring to the recent no-confidence motion against his government, Modi highlighted that it was defeated in the Lok Sabha through a voice vote after opposition members walked out of the proceedings. He speculated that the opposition parties avoided a proper voting process to prevent exposing the divisions within their coalition.

Modi also accused the opposition of evading serious discussions, particularly when it came to issues like Manipur. He asserted that their intentions were more focused on political maneuvering than constructive dialogues. Mocking the Congress' longstanding slogan "Garibi hatao" (eradicate poverty), Modi argued that their efforts had been insufficient in genuinely alleviating poverty and improving the living standards of the country's underprivileged. In contrast, he emphasized that his BJP government had taken significant measures for the comprehensive upliftment of the poor in the nation.

The Prime Minister further alleged that the TMC had resorted to a "reign of terror" during the recent rural polls in West Bengal. Despite such intimidations, he noted that BJP candidates received the blessings of the people. He criticized the TMC for using violence to suppress opposition voices, pointing out instances where victorious candidates were hindered from celebrating their success. Modi characterized this behavior as emblematic of TMC's political approach.

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