PM Modi Hails, This Interim Budget is Inclusive and Innovative
PM Modi Hails, This Interim Budget is Inclusive and Innovative

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's interim budget, hailing it as both inclusive and innovative. He emphasized its continuity and shared key highlights from his perspective.

Developing India by 2047
PM Modi expressed optimism in the budget's ability to propel India towards becoming a developed nation by 2047. He stressed its potential to empower all segments of society, including the youth, the poor, women, and farmers, which he referred to as the four pillars of a developed India.

Youth Aspirations and Innovation Fund
Highlighting the budget's focus on youth aspirations, PM Modi noted the allocation of a substantial fund of Rs. 1 lakh crore for research and innovation, catering to the needs of a young India.

Fiscal Responsibility and Capital Expenditure
PM Modi commended the budget for maintaining fiscal discipline while allocating a record-high capital expenditure of Rs. 11,11,111 crore. He described this balance as a 'sweet spot,' anticipating it to pave the way for modern infrastructure development and the creation of numerous job opportunities, particularly for the youth.

Empowerment of the Poor and Middle Class
The budget was praised for its emphasis on empowering the poor and middle class, with measures aimed at creating new employment opportunities. Plans to construct an additional 2 crore houses for the poor were highlighted, along with ambitions to elevate 3 crore individuals to a higher economic status. Additionally, ASHA and Aganwadi workers are set to benefit from the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Income Tax Relief Scheme
PM Modi announced an income tax remission scheme expected to provide relief to 1 crore individuals from the middle class. He underscored the budget's significant decisions concerning farmers, indicating a comprehensive approach towards addressing various socio-economic challenges.

PM Modi's positive appraisal of the interim budget reflects its comprehensive approach towards addressing the needs of diverse sections of society and fostering inclusive growth.

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