PM Modi saddened by the mess in Kedar Valley, said- 'Maintain the dignity of pilgrimage areas'

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the 89th episode of his monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat. During this, he said, 'The country has completed the century of unicorns, it is a matter of pride for Indians.' With this, PM Modi said that 'Indian startup will take flight in the coming time'. On the 5th of this month, the number of unicorns in the country reached the figure of 100. The total valuation of these unicorns is more than $ 330 billion, that is, more than Rs 25 lakh crore. Of our total unicorns, 44 were made last year. In 3-4 months of this year, 14 more new unicorns were created. This means that Indian startups have been creating wealth and value even during this pandemic.

He further added, "Our unicorns are diverse. They are working in many areas like e-commerce, fin-tech, ed-tech, and bio-tech. Today, India's start-up ecosystem is not just limited to big cities, entrepreneurs from small towns and towns are also coming out. Behind this success of the country, the youth power of the country, the talent and the government of the country, all are making efforts together, everyone is contributing, but, there is one more important thing in this, that is, right monitoring in the start-up world, that is, the right guidance. Our country has a rich wealth of many languages, scripts and dialects. Different attire, catering and culture in different regions are our identity. This diversity empowers us more as a nation and keeps us united. '

He mentioned about the Chardham Yatra. "Devotees are saddened by the mess being spread in Kedarnath by some people. Many people have shared photos of the heap of dirt on social media. Let's go on a holy journey, there's a pile of dirt there, it's not right. But there are some devotees who are taking the lead in cleanliness along with the Darshan-Pujan of Baba Kedar. The PM said that even the pilgrimage is incomplete without the pilgrimage service. Wherever we go, the dignity of these pilgrimage areas remains intact. Suchita, cleanliness, a sacred environment we have to never forget it, we must maintain it and that is why it is important that we remember the resolve of cleanliness.''

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