PM Modi Set to Inaugurate India's First High-Speed Urban Transit System, RAPIDX, Next Week
PM Modi Set to Inaugurate India's First High-Speed Urban Transit System, RAPIDX, Next Week

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is gearing up to launch the country's inaugural Rapid Rail transit system, known as "RAPIDX" next week. This groundbreaking event is scheduled to take place next week and will feature the first train in India to be operated entirely by women pilots. The auspicious inauguration coincides with the start of the Navratri festival, adding a touch of cultural significance to the momentous occasion.

The heart of this launch will be the 17-kilometer priority corridor in Ghaziabad, which will serve as the initial route for RAPIDX. The construction of the Sahibabad to Duhai Depot priority corridor, a critical component for commercial train operations, was completed approximately four to five months ago and is now poised to play host to this historic event.

The National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC), responsible for overseeing this transformative project connecting Delhi and Meerut, has some exciting developments in store for the occasion. Among these is the unveiling of the "RAPIDX CONNECT" mobile app, designed to make commuting on the system more accessible and convenient. Additionally, the indigenously constructed platform screen corridor will be inaugurated virtually, showcasing the remarkable engineering prowess behind this endeavor.

During this momentous launch event, the NCRTC is expected to unveil the Sarai Kale Khan terminus in Delhi. This terminus is set to serve as the central station linking future Regional Rail Train System (RRTS) corridors, effectively enabling efficient travel between Panipat and Alwar. The ambitious 82-kilometer-long Delhi-Meerut RAPIDX network is slated to become fully operational by 2025, significantly enhancing connectivity and mobility within the National Capital Region.

The concept of RRTS corridors, which was initially conceived during the UPA-II administration, aims to drastically reduce travel time between Delhi and major cities within the National Capital Region (NCR), ushering in a new era of seamless and rapid transit for commuters.

The RAPIDX trains themselves are a marvel of modern engineering, equipped with several innovative features. Each train comprises a configuration of six coaches, including four standard coaches designed for optimal comfort. The premium coach, boasting reclining seats and extra legroom, is accessible via a dedicated lounge, offering a truly premium travel experience. For the convenience and safety of female passengers, a reserved coach similar to the Delhi Metro is available. Notably, the trains also feature pilot cabins at both ends, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Passengers on RAPIDX trains will enjoy a comfortable journey, with 407 seats arranged in a 2x2 layout. Moreover, there is additional standing capacity for 1,061 passengers, ensuring that the system can accommodate a significant number of commuters. Every seat comes with charging points, allowing passengers to stay connected, and complimentary onboard WiFi, catering to the needs of the modern traveler.

Other noteworthy features of the RAPIDX system include a public announcement and display system, dynamic route map displays, designated areas for wheelchairs, and an emergency alarm system enabling direct communication with the train driver in case of emergencies. The trains are also equipped with speed monitoring systems to ensure operational safety and efficiency.

The RAPIDX system has been meticulously designed to achieve an operational speed of 180 kilometers per hour, making it India's fastest urban transit system. This remarkable feat places RAPIDX on par with the broad gauge Vande Bharat's design speed, signifying a significant leap forward in India's urban transportation capabilities. The forthcoming launch of RAPIDX holds the promise of transforming the daily commute for residents of Delhi NCR and setting a new standard for rapid and efficient urban transit in India.

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