PM Modi's Diplomatic Engagements with Over 15 World Leaders
PM Modi's Diplomatic Engagements with Over 15 World Leaders

NEW DELHI: In the lead-up to the highly anticipated G20 Leaders' Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is gearing up for a series of crucial bilateral meetings with more than 15 global leaders. These strategic discussions are poised to shape the course of international relations and cooperation. Let's delve into the schedule of these significant engagements:

Strengthening Ties with Mauritius, Bangladesh, and the United States
On the eve of the G20 Leaders' Summit, Prime Minister Modi will kickstart his diplomatic engagements with bilateral meetings at his official residence, 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. His agenda for Friday includes:

Meeting 1: Elevating Relations with Mauritius
Prime Minister Modi will engage in constructive discussions with the leadership of Mauritius, focusing on reinforcing ties, trade, and cooperation between the two nations. This meeting underscores India's commitment to its Indian Ocean neighbor.

Meeting 2: Deepening Bonds with Bangladesh
Another pivotal meeting on Friday will be with the leaders of Bangladesh. The talks are expected to center around enhancing bilateral relations, cross-border trade, and regional stability, showcasing India's commitment to fostering friendly relations with its eastern neighbor.

Meeting 3: U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue
Prime Minister Modi will also host a high-profile bilateral meeting with the United States. This session will explore avenues for strengthening the strategic partnership between the two nations, with a particular focus on trade, defense, and global issues.

G20 Summit and Beyond
As the G20 Leaders' Summit gets underway, Prime Minister Modi's diplomatic agenda continues to gain momentum. On Saturday, he will engage with several key world leaders, including:

Meeting 4: Strengthening Anglo-Indian Relations
Prime Minister Modi will hold a bilateral meeting with the United Kingdom, underscoring the importance of historical ties and cooperation in various sectors.

Meeting 5: Nurturing the Indo-Japanese Partnership
Japan and India share a special bond, both economically and strategically. The bilateral meeting with Japan aims to boost economic collaboration, technology transfer, and regional security.

Meeting 6: Fostering Indo-German Relations
Germany remains a crucial partner for India in Europe. Discussions with Germany will revolve around trade, technology, and climate change cooperation.

Meeting 7: Building Bridges with Italy
The bilateral meeting with Italy will focus on cultural exchanges, trade, and cooperation in science and technology.

Upcoming Engagements
Prime Minister Modi's diplomatic efforts extend beyond the G20 summit, with additional engagements on the horizon:

Meeting 8: Working Lunch with French President
On September 10, Prime Minister Modi will have a working lunch meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. This meeting is poised to strengthen India's ties with France, particularly in the areas of defense and strategic partnership.

Informal Talks and Bilateral Meetings
In addition to the formal scheduled meetings, Prime Minister Modi is set for a series of informal pull-aside discussions with leaders from various nations. These interactions are vital for nurturing diplomatic relationships and addressing pressing global issues. Some of the countries on his agenda include:

Canada, Comoros, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, European Union and European Commission, Brazil, Nigeria.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's diplomatic calendar is brimming with crucial bilateral meetings and discussions with over 15 world leaders. These interactions are pivotal in shaping the future of India's international relations, fostering cooperation, and addressing global challenges. Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes and developments arising from these significant diplomatic engagements.

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