Man Vs Wild: PM Modi's 'Vajrasan Pose' liked by the audience, photo gets viral on social media

Aug 13 2019 02:01 PM
Man Vs Wild: PM Modi's 'Vajrasan Pose' liked by the audience, photo gets viral on social media

NEW DELHI: Man vs Wild episode featuring PM Narendra Modi telecasted  On Monday, August 12 at 9 p.m. PM Modi, the show's host Bayer Grills, at Man Vs Wild. The show has been shot at Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. The adventure show on Discovery was broadcast in 180 countries, including India.

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During this exciting journey of Bayer Grills and PM Modi, 69-year-old PM Modi was seen sitting in Vajrasan on the banks of the river. The picture, which is going viral on social media, has been highly praised by PM Modi. So let's know what the Vajrasan is and what the amazing benefits are from doing it.

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Vajrasan is called Thunderbolt Posture in English. It should always be done in a focused posture to take full advantage of Vajrasan. Keep your eyes closed while using it in mind currency. Doing this posture makes the human body strong and stable. You can do Vajrasan at any time of the day. The special thing of this easy is that it is the only posture that can be done even after eating. Doing this posture improves digestion and also helps in reining in the lower backpen.

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