Hundreds of Remdesivirs flowing in Punjab-Rajasthan canals solved, arrested!

Chandigarh: Police have solved the mystery of hundreds of Remdesivir injections flowing into canals in Punjab and Rajasthan. Rajasthan Police has arrested Master Mind Mayank Garg, who made and sold fake Remdesiviinjections during corona. It was Mayank Garg who threw hundreds of vials of Remdesiviinto the canal to evade the police. After which there was an uproar all over the country.

Jaipur police have arrested the thug who made fake Remdesivifrom Manali in Himachal Pradesh. According to information received, accused Mayank Garg makes fake injections in other cities of the country including Jaipur, Mayank has admitted to supplying fake Remdesivithrough other members of his gang. The accused mastermind was doing business by opening medical firms in Delhi and Chandigarh. The accused, who was fond of living a luxury life, had started black marketing fake Remdesiviinjections for a hefty income, and when some of the gang men were caught, it threw those vials into the canal for fear of arrest.

Jaipur police had also conducted sting operations and arrested people from Jaipur while selling Remdesiviinjections in black. But investigations revealed that the injections are fake only. The police then conducted more searches in search of the accused Mayank Garg who had been on the lookout for Rajasthan police, Punjab, and Haryana for several days. The accused was constantly changing hotels in Manali. Due to which it could not be arrested. It was only after the police arrested about half a dozen drug distributors that it was only then that it was found out about it.

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