Tribal citizen showed their wrath, fired local police station

Kishanganj: A tribal inebriated man was returning back to the district, on the way he was beaten by the police personnel. As per the reports, due to the scuffle, man lost his life.

Tribal community from the district of Kishanganj showed their aggression by firing local police station of the district. They are protesting for their community member's life.

Not only police station, but the government vehicles over the areas are also destructed. The mutiny continued for nearly seven hours. As per the reports, the situation is in under control now.

The incident took place on Saturday at 1.30 PM, when two men were returning to the town, both of them were caught by police. One of the men was ruthlessly beaten by the police personnel. The person was severely injured, after which he was admitted to the hospital, and rumours spread that the man is dead. Which led the tribal community to protest against the ill-treatment of police officials.

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