Is Amethi MP Smriti Irani really missing?

Jun 01 2020 05:39 PM
Is Amethi MP Smriti Irani really missing?

Many states have exempted Lockdown 5 with new rules. Poster war has started once again in Amethi, which is known as the main stronghold of politics in Uttar Pradesh. Posters used to appear here due to the disappearance of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, but now posters of the disappearance of BJP MP and Union Minister Smriti Irani are started from here. Many questions have also been asked to her. Congress Legislative Council member Deepak Singh has also tweeted about the posters

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The poster war has started in Amethi in the midst of Coronavirus infection. Here leaflets asking questions from the missing MP Smriti Irani have been pasted at all places. In which it is written that now you will come to Amethi to give only shoulder. No name is known on the prescription. It is not common to paste posters in Amethi. The process of protest against big leaders continues here. The poster war has started once again in Amethi in the Lok Sabha constituency. On Monday, posters named 'Question to the missing MP' were put up against MP and Union Minister Smriti Irani in Lok Sabha constituency Amethi. In the poster, "After becoming the MP from Amethi (two days a year), MP Smriti Irani, who made her presence in just a few hours today, all the people of Amethi are scared and distressed due to the pain of the corona epidemic.

India can become powerful nation globally with success of this event

It has also been written in the poster that we have seen you playing Antakshari through Twitter. We have seen many people giving lunch through you, but as Amethi MP, innocent people of Amethi are looking for you for their needs and troubles at the opposite time today. Amidst the troubles of the past several months, leaving the people of Amethi destitute shows that perhaps Amethi is just a tour hub for you.

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