Prepare for competitive exams with these questions
Prepare for competitive exams with these questions

Special knowledge for preparing for the upcoming competitive examinations in 2021, which will be helpful for your success. As you may have noticed, almost all competitive examinations ask a lot of questions related to general knowledge.

Why milk is light yellow - Due to carotene
The cultivation of which of the following crops is limited only in the Northern Hemisphere - Chukandar
Potwar Plateau is located in which of the following countries - Pakistan
Which five-year plan has completely failed so far - Third Plan
In which of the following industries sulfur is most commonly used - chemical industry
According to Census 2001, which of the following states of India has the highest population after Uttar Pradesh - Maharashtra
Where is the volcanic mountain 'Mount St. Hales' located - USA
Which is the smallest planet in the solar system - Mercury planet
Where is the largest shipyard in India - Kochi
If there is a sudden drop in the reading of the barometer, which condition is indicated - stormy weather
Which one of the Indian states has the lowest total forest area - Haryana
What was Japan formerly known as - Nippon
In the year 2000-2001, among the following items imported by India, who was the top in the denomination of rupees - pearls and valuables.
Which one of the world's forest area has the highest percentage of spread - temperate conifer forest
Where is the world's highest telescopic observatory located - India

Where is the highly probable 'Rava decomposition' section of oil - in the Krishna-Godavari basin?
By which method the age of the Earth is measured - Uranium method
Where is the best type of marble found - Makrana
The winds from the high pressure area to the Mediterranean Sea are - commercial winds
Which is the smallest continent - Australia continent

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