Price of petrol and diesel increased for the second consecutive day
Price of petrol and diesel increased for the second consecutive day

Petrol and diesel prices have increased for the second consecutive day. At the international level, the prices of crude oil have come down, but its benefits have not been found as a reduction in fuel prices.

According to Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), a liter petrol in New Delhi is getting Rs 76.50 on Friday. In Kolkata, the price has increased to Rs 79.42 and its price in Mumbai has reached Rs 83.94 per litre. For Chennai, the prices have increased to 71.86 rupees per litre.

Talking about diesel, it is getting 68.02 per litre in Delhi. In Kolkata, you have to pay 70.80 per litre and in Mumbai Rs 72.21 per litre. In Chennai, diesel has reached Rs. 71.86.

Crude oil prices have softened in the international market. According to news agency Reuters, Brent Crude has been 17 cents cheaper on Thursday. With this cut, it reached $ 73.28 a barrel.

Speaking of WTI Crude, there was also a reduction on Thursday. WTI crude reached $ 68.94 a barrel with this softness.

However, the effect of fluctuations in crude oil prices at the international level falls on petrol and diesel prices at the domestic level. Apart from this, the position of rupee against the dollar also plays an important role in determining prices of petrol and diesel. 

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