Principal Roshan rapes a 14-year-old minor school girl for consecutive 3 months
Principal Roshan rapes a 14-year-old minor school girl for consecutive 3 months

Patna: In bihar's Araria district, the principal crossed the limits of poverty and carried out a heinous act at the temple of education. The case pertains to a school in Mahalgaon police station area where principal Roshan Zameer has put the relationship between the guru and the disciple to shame. The principal of the government school is said to have been accused of raping a 14-year-old minor girl on the pretext of getting a mid-day meal and sometimes a dress amount.

The extent was reached when principal Roshan Zameer took nude pictures of the student after raping her for the first time. He started threatening to make her pictures viral. The 14-year-old student was forced to accept all her conditions for fear of the picture going viral. According to media reports, the principal raped the student for 3 consecutive months, making her pregnant. This came to light when the villagers caught him red handed. The student's father then lodged a complaint with the mahila police station. Police have arrested the accused principal Roshan Zameer and sent him to jail. In fact, on the evening of June 29, 2021, the accused principal of the inverted middle school Prasadpur Dumaria called the student's father and asked him to take his daughter to school to get mid-day meal dry ration.

After which the father sent the girl to school, but when she reached school, Zameer took her to the terrace and started molesting her. A local man saw him doing all this and immediately informed the student's father about it. The student's father then reached the school premises along with his brothers and villagers and caught the principal red handed. The student said she was raped by the principal of the school three months ago after being lured by dress and ration. He took nude pictures of her and raped her threatening to make them viral. The student is 2 months pregnant.

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