Priyanka Gandhi attacks Yogi government, says 'bodies kept outside post mortem house'
Priyanka Gandhi attacks Yogi government, says 'bodies kept outside post mortem house'

Uttar Pradesh Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has attacked the Yogi government over the plight of post mortem house in Aligarh. Priyanka Gandhi has raised questions on the claims being made by the government during the Corona period.

On Sunday morning, Priyanka Gandhi wrote, According to media reports, there is a lot of chaos in the post mortem house of Aligarh. Bodies are kept outside. According to the relatives of the deceased, money is being collected from them for the ice blocks. Despite the claims of the government in the Corona period, there are reports of heavy plight. Let us tell you that there is chaos in the post mortem house in Aligarh. The post mortem house deep freezer is bad. Due to this, the bodies are rotting. They are forced to keep it on ice. Ice money is also being taken from the family of the deceased. At the same time, in the wake of negative / positive reports amid corona epidemic, dead bodies are not being done immediately. Here, one of the two freezers installed there is damaged.

In his statement post-mortem house in-charge Ravi Kant Dixit said that on an average 10 to 12 dead bodies come for post mortem daily. Currently a freezer is damaged. In such a situation, dead bodies are being kept on ice blocks. Post mortem of the dead bodies is still pending due to the delay in the report of the corona from the medical college. Also, post mortem of dead bodies is happening after 76-76 hours. A letter has been written to the officials regarding this. The problem is expected to be resolved soon. Even more negligence was seen last Monday that a used PPE kit was lying outside the post mortem house. There was also an atmosphere of panic among the people about this.

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