Priyanka Gandhi overturned with her statement

Lucknow: Congress party national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has said that she is not the only face of the party for the UP assembly elections. Priyanka said, 'My party decides somewhere who will be the face CM and doesn't do it anywhere, this is the way of the party. I'm not saying that CM face is me, I said it out of irritation because the same questions are being asked again and again.'

Speaking to the media, she said, 'We are contesting elections with all our might. Congress is mainly raising the important issues of development, unemployment, inflation, the safety of women that should be discussed. Congress is raising the voice of the people, hoping that the result will be good. All political parties are trying to hide the reality and raise issues at the time of elections that are emotional, such as issues based on caste, communalism, because they do not want to talk about development. It only harms the people and benefits political parties.'

Priyanka questioned, 'What has this government done for the unemployed youth? When elections come, they say that they will give 25 lakh jobs, but have they ever explained where the employment will come from? We said we would give 2 million jobs, we didn't say it in the vain. We've come out with a full manifesto. They have been in government in the state for 5 years, they got only the last month to inaugurate airports, highways and set up new industries. Didn't they have time before? Just a month before the election, you are making all the announcements, if you want to make announcements, do it in a concrete manner.'

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