Antibodies found in men more than women worldwide

Information about the coronavirus is still being raised around the world. There is still a lot of new information about Covid coming up. In the case of Covid-19, there is a very important role of immunisation. It is most important to have antibodies in the body against viruses. Our immune system identifies Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) as a harmful one and in response to the manufacture of antibodies in our body, which helps us fight this deadly virus.

As per the information received, there has now been new research on antibodies which say that more coronavirus antibodies are produced in men than women. Portugal researchers say that on average men produce antibodies of the coronavirus more than women. This research has brought out that 90% of people are found to have these antibodies for seven months after corona infection.

The results published in the European Journal of Immunology also say that age is not an ego factor in the level of antibodies produced, but the severity of the disease. Mark Valdohen, the author of this research, spoke in Portugal from the medicine molecular Joao Lobo Antus that our immune system identifies Covid-19 as harmful and manufactures antibodies in response, which helps fight the virus.

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