Scientists claim: Proof of presence of aliens can be found near black hole

Scientists believe that if aliens exist somewhere, they must be drawing energy from the black hole. If we want to find them, then we have to search for their evidence around the black hole itself. It has been learned that signs of technology harnessing the energy of aliens may exist on the boundary of a black hole rotating like a cyclone. This range is called Scientific Event Horizon. Event Horizon is the area of space around a black hole from which nothing can come out. Even the light cannot come out. This name is given because it is impossible to see the events happening inside this area. In other words, it is a horizon beyond which we do not see. According to the information, the black hole is that area of space where the gravitational pull is so strong that none of it can go out. Black holes are being created by the collapse of the central part of the big star. Some black holes have billions of times more mass than the sun. Nobody knows how these giant black holes are formed.

At the same time, it is also being said that black holes are also affection for unlimited and infinite energy. The question is, will man ever be able to exploit this infinite energy? The nearest black hole is about 1000 light-years away. It is impossible to reach there. If astronomers find a way to extract energy from these black holes, they can become a source of unlimited energy for a technologically advanced civilization. New York-based Columbia University astronomer and co-author of the study Luca Comisso said that "our next goal is to find out how the process of intentionally extracting energy from a black hole will be visible to distant observers. It allows humans to discover distant extraterrestrial civilizations." It can help in the application. According to this study, black holes emit signs of energy when the force is pulled in opposite directions. At that time there is intense energy.

Scientists believe that the black hole is surrounded by a hot soup of plasma energy particles. They have a magnetic field. One of the theories states that when magnetic field lines connect and separate properly, they accelerate plasma particles to produce 'negative energy'. Thus a large amount of energy can be extracted from a black hole. This new study will help scientists to uncover the secrets of different types of black holes.

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