Know number of corona cases across world

Washington: For more than 1 year, the whole world has been fighting the havoc of Corona, while every day the havoc of this virus is increasing even more rapidly in many areas around the world. While in some parts, people are battling with corona. The total number of coronavirus cases has reached 10.85 crore worldwide while more than 23.9 lakh people have lost their lives. Johns Hopkins University has given this information. The University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed in its latest update on Sunday morning that Corona's current global cases are 108,503,489 and 2,392,030 people have died.

According to CSSE, the United States remains the most affected country with the highest number of 27,572,086 cases and 484,149 deaths in the world. India is in second place with 10,892,746 cases. According to CSSE data, other countries with more than 1 million cases of corona are Brazil (9,809,754), Britain (4,038,884), Russia (4,012,538), France (3,467,051), Spain (3,056,035), Italy (2,710,819), Turkey (2,579,896) Germany (2,336,906), Colombia (2,190,116), Argentina (2,021,553), Mexico (1,978,954), Poland (1,583,621), Iran (1,510,873), South Africa (1,490,063), Ukraine (1,313,209), Peru (1,220,748), Indonesia (1,210,770) ), Czech Republic (1,082,849) and Netherlands (1,040,067). Brazil currently ranks second in terms of deaths with 238,532 deaths. This was followed by Mexico (172,557) in third place.

India (155,550) is on the fourth place. Meanwhile, countries with more than 20,000 deaths include Britain (117,128), Italy (93,356), France (80,955), Russia (78,403), Germany (64,831), Spain (64,747), Iran (58,883), Colombia (57,425), Argentina (50,188), South Africa (47,821), Peru (43,255), Poland (40,709), Indonesia (32,936), Turkey (27,377), Ukraine (25,578), Belgium (21,599) and Canada (21,238).

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